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ReAmp Studios is located in Southern California and covers over 2,000 square feet. It is home to both state-of-the-art digital and vintage gear, including a rare and coveted Amek APC 1000 console that has been used to record Platinum award-winning artists such as Chamillionaire and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.

Whether you’re looking to track scratch demos or high-quality masters, ReAmp is your studio destination. At our Tustin location, we work with all genres and can accommodate most budgets.



Audio & Visual Production Company




Whether you’re looking for a one-stop solution or a flexible workspace, ReAmp Studios provides all of the tools necessary to ensure that your recording needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Engineer Included
  • 3 hour minimum – $200
  • 4 hours – $250
  • 8 hours – $465
  • 10 hours – $500
Mixing & Mastering


Mixing & Mastering

We strive to take your song to the next level. Our team of engineers knows how to dial in your mix in order to deliver a radio ready sound without breaking the bank. Whether its a song you’ve done with us, or something you’ve prerecorded elsewhere, our team can provide you with a top quality product.

Mixing Pricing
  • 16 Tracks or Less – $150
  • 17-36 – $199
  • 37 Tracks or More – $249



ReAmp Studios is committed to music education and offers a variety of unique classes and workshops that provide hands on experience in a lively, and positive learning environment. We offer a range of classes that cover songwriting, Pro Tools techniques, music production, and voiceover.

All Classes
  • 1 hr lesson, once a week – $248/month

ReAmp Gift Certificate

ReAmp Gift Certificate


At ReAmp Studios, our clients include major and independent recording artists, record labels, music publishers, filmmakers, videographers, and major corporations that utilize our class-leading equipment and experienced studio team to track music, sync audio to visuals, and provide other post-production services to put the finishing touches on their content.
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  • A Sound Aside
  • A+ Dropouts
  • Against the Ordinary
  • Albert Ojeda
  • Alex Flavell
  • Alexa Lacy
  • Ami Russ
  • Amirah Ali
  • Bella Lucareli
  • Bird & The War
  • Blake Maines
  • Bentley Bobby
  • Brandon Coy
  • Brandon Moreno
  • Brianne Costa
  • Brit Rodriguez
  • Bryan Lanning
  • Carley
  • Carol Martini
  • Chamillionaire
  • Chaplin
  • Concrete Rose
  • Cynthia Emmets
  • Daevinci
  • Danielle Prezioso
  • Dave Abravanel
  • David Tracks
  • Dazed in the Past
  • December Rose
  • Devin Rodarte
  • Dillon Brown
  • DIN
  • DJ De Neve
  • Dominique Stewart
  • Fetty Wap
  • Fly Radio
  • Gaby Ramirez
  • Gavyn Bailey
  • Gene Dorney
  • Ghost of Cali
  • Gustin Flaig
  • Howe Two
  • Hurricane Bianca Movie Score
  • Jacob Guzman
  • Jessica Muse
  • Jillian Naffzigger
  • Jaimee Jaymes
  • Jason Farol
  • Joanna Pearl
  • Jorgen Eloffsen
  • Justin Rekt
  • Kaela Kinney
  • Kaitlyn Weathers
  • Ken Peters
  • Kimber Keuilian
  • Kourtney
  • Lexi Avilles
  • Lindsey Carrier
  • Lords of Ruin
  • Maruja Retana
  • Mason Robinson
  • Melanie Taylor
  • Merleau
  • Michael Verburg
  • Midnight Darling
  • Mona Mae
  • Morgan Leigh Band
  • Moxy and the Influence
  • My Mechanical Heart
  • Nassim Arastoopour
  • Nikki Paige
  • Pixikill
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Ri Stephenie
  • Sidney Bowen
  • Silent Shot
  • Skratch
  • Stefani Rose
  • Teech
  • The Canyoneers
  • The Fiix
  • The Lost Years
  • The Northern Stills
  • Vadim Taver
  • VIDA
  • Viktor Kiraly
  • VBS

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