Whether you’re looking for a one-stop solution or a flexible workspace, ReAmp Studios provides all of the tools necessary to ensure that your recording needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

  • Engineer Included
    • 3 hour minimum - $240
    • 4 hours - $300
    • 8 hours - $575
    • 10 hours - $650

Mixing and Mastering

We strive to take your song to the next level. Our team of engineers knows how to dial in your mix in order to deliver a radio ready sound without breaking the bank. Weather its a song you’ve done with us, or something you’ve prerecorded elsewhere, our team can provide you with a top quality product.

  • Mixing Pricing
    • 16 Tracks or Less - $149
    • 17-36 - $199
    • 37 Tracks or More - $249


ReAmp Studios is committed to music education and offers a variety of unique classes and workshops that provide hands on experience in a lively, and positive learning environment. We offer a range of classes that cover songwriting, Pro Tools techniques, music production, and voiceover.

  • All Classes
    • 1 hr lesson, once a week, $248/month

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