Lexi Vondrak is a musician and poet, Lexi Vondrak is from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over the past several years she has found her voice within music. Writing poems and music since middle school, the arts have always been a part of her life. Lexi sings and plays several instruments. Excited to see where her musical journey will take her, she is looking to her future in the world of music

Lexi Vondrak - Gangsta Remix

Tearzuh, is an 18 year old musician who self describes her music to “allow music to let people in; to let them understand their emotions more intimately.” Tearzuh began by learning guitar at the age of 8 and began writing songs daily. Being a dancer and musician allowed Tearzuh to connect with her inner performance and artistic side. The musician with the bright pink hair quotes, “I didn’t want to write a lot about myself, because my music is not for me, it’s for you. I think reconnecting people to their humanity on an emotional and spiritual level is essential and music is an instrument for making that possible.”

Tirzah - More Than Enough

Madison Olds is a Canadian based singer / songwriter. Notable achievements include opening for Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson at Rockin’ River Fest, opening for pop artists Tyler Shaw and Scott Helman, in 2016 her band won the Chevy Tailgate Find the Next Legend competition, and was recently selected as a CBC Music’s 2019 Searchlight top 10 artist. Her single, “MOMENTS IN THE MOUNTAINS”, written for Kamloops’ 2018 BC Winter Games, caught the interest of tourism and television and has over 370k streams on Spotify.  Her latest single, “THANK YOU” launched to National Canadian radio Fall of 2018 landing at #76 on Hot AC charts. Highlighting acoustic roots, her debut album, BLUE (325k streams), released Feb. 2019.

Madison Olds - THANK YOU

Black Creek Reign was founded by Darren Armoogam and Lex Stultz after the implosion of a previous project. Picking up the pieces of the preview project, they created “Black Creek Reign” to keep up the unique sound of blues, reggae, pop, and rock music.  The addition of Shane Joseph on drums last year offered the perfect piece to complete the 3 piece ensemble, as his experience and multi-instrumental prowess was a breath of fresh air for the band. After winning a battle of the bands in June 2018 and touring Toronto, they were inspired to release the EP “Excommunicado” to rave reviews. With a fresh sound and strong songwriting, BCR is ready to inject something special into the worldwide music scene.

Black Creek Reign - Now I'm Free

Emily Auger is a 17 year old musician from a small town in Alberta, Canada. Growing up she was immersed in the culture that is music. She began singing, playing multiple instruments, and writing songs at a very young age. Her ultimate goal is to use her music as a platform to share her voice with the world. Dreaming big, she can’t wait to see where her musical journey takes her.

Emily Auger - I wish you were gay

The concept of Road to a Record Deal came about when the team at ReAmp studios decided to help make a few peoples dreams come true by believing in them.
The contest consists of 3 stages. The first of these is the submission stage. Contestants will enter according to the submission format. 20 contestants will move forward to the 2nd round via a voting mechanism based on talent, drive and following directions.
The 2nd stage is the “Task list stage” where contestants will be given a list of tasks to complete. This stage will be voted on by the ReAmp staff and “Rockstar on the road” judges based on the contestants ability to successfully complete the tasks. 5 contestants will be selected to make the final stage!
The 5 finalists will be flown out to ReAmp studios where they will compete in the final stage for a recording deal. A live recording session will occur where the finalists will be recording music while on video. Then, the finalists will all perform on stage during a showcase event and a winner will be announced LIVE. Voting for this stage will consist of judges votes and live, online votes.